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We are a custom “boutique” generalist firm with a demonstrated track record of success since 1997, and are backed by a research organization that is second to none in our business.

Our research organization has over 20 full time professionals averaging 15-20 years of search research experience each. Each research professional’s personal ability is supported and enhanced by our state-of-the-art industry databases, several of which are proprietary.

In addition to our full time employee research staff, we utilize a global network of over 30 highly experienced contract research professionals who can be quickly brought to bear on any U.S. or international project. These extension staff personnel are located in almost every major metro U.S. location and, in most major international geographies including Europe , Latin America , and Asia-Pacific.

In the real estate, structured finance, banking and financial services sector alone, our database and personal relationships include over 150,000 executives and professionals.

    Our Resources


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