Our Business and Competitive Intelligence research team is the backbone of our practice.

We are supported by an organization of more than 20 full time senior search research and business intelligence professionals located at one site in the U.S. as well as our established network of more than 100 other researchers located in all major U.S. and international regions including Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

Our clientele' are normally "C" suite executives, board members, owners and other senior decision makers. We also work with multinational corporate competitive intelligence leadership in the course of some of our projects.

Our business intelligence and search research experience spans a diverse range of business sectors. Research is performed utilizing small teams of highly experienced senior researchers.

The sensitivity of our clients' unique needs are respected to the extent that no researcher working on the project ever knows the client's identity. This is termed a "double blind" approach to intelligence gathering.

The Managing Director normally signs a Non Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) before the project is initiated due to the highly sensitive nature of what we do and the type of information our clientele' desires from our work product.

Pricing is customized as is the work. Fees are normally flat, fixed but this can vary depending onvarious factors.

See our TSG Research Competitive & Organizational Intelligence Profile for more detail on the type of information we have obtained for our clients over various projects performed. Please note that this list is not all inclusive.




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